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About Us

Next Generation America is a nonprofit organization committed to enhancing civic education and engagement among young Americans. We're proudly nonpartisan and seek to develop tools to help grow the next generation of citizens into well informed and engaged adults. Founded by Corey Foister and located in the Cincinnati metro area. 

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Corey Foister

President and Founder of Next Generation America

Corey Foister founded Next Generation America to inspire young people to engage government and participate in the political process. Next Generation America is the continuous battle that Mr. Foister started when he ran for U.S. Congress in Ohio's 8th Congressional District. He won the Democratic Party primary on March 15, becoming one of the youngest people to ever become the nominee of a major U.S. political party.

Corey is also the founder of Soaring Jets Productions, which creates educational videos about elections and short films. He is a stage-IV cancer survivor and recently graduated from Northern Kentucky University with his MPA. 

Our Goals


Enhance civic engagement among the youth in America.


Advocate for civic educate to take a larger role in middle schools & high schools across the country.


Provide resources to help young citizens understand and better engage the political process while combating political cynicism and the spread of misinformation.


Inspire the youth of America to register to vote & consider a career in public service. 

Our Vision 

A society of well-informed and engaged young Americans positively interacting with their government. Our organization successfully prepares, motivates, and foster youth engagement, education, and candidacies across the country. To create a platform for civic enegament, education, and useful tools and information for aspiring activists across the country. Help shape a government that is inclusive and diverse on the local, state, and federal level.

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